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Painting with Light

The Art of Photography

Painting with Light
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Photographs and computer generated 3 dimensional renderings share many attributes; however, their similarities can be summed up in the phrase: Painting with light.

Photography, whether film or digital, is the art of capturing images of the real world. Computer 3D rendering is the art of generating images of models, using software to simulate the physics of light and camera.

Although I have taken photographs since my childhood, it was only until 1997 that I started to develop an interest in photography as an art.

My interest on 3D modeling & rendering began around 1988 with the introduction of perspective views in Autodesk's AutoCAD drafting software.

I have learned both forms of art by self-didactic methods, using books, tutorials and lots of practice. At every opportunity I have, I always compare my work with that of professionals, even when doing so brings me lots of pain.