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There are other sections on this site featuring pictures. The purpose of these pictures however, is to show and/or describe something; be it a destination visited, a group of relatives and/or friends, or to illustrate a prank. Any artistic value in these pictures is incidental and some of them may be featured on this section too.

The purpose of this section is to showcase pictures which have been taken for the sake of art; and to present matters relevant to the artistic creation such as equipment, lighting conditions & exposure, composition, post production techniques, etc. It is my purpose to help others who might share a similar interest in imaging. That is why I decided to write some pages dedicated to the abovementioned subjects. It is not my intention to present step-by-step tutorials however, I only want to give some broad brushes on the topics and encourage the reader to go out and shoot.

I also want to showcase computer generated imagery from the same artistic angle. I have been using CGI for architectural & engineering visualization for a long time. It was not until recently that I got curious about using it as a form of art.

I hope you will have as great a time seen the images, as I had it shooting and post-processing them.