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July 29, 2006

Tribute to my Parents

Normally, you write a tribute to someone until after that person had passed away. However, since I am not writing it primarily for the rest of the world, but instead, for the very persons I am paying tribute to, I am writing it now, June 2005. Although the syntax of the text is mostly in past tense, my parents are still alive and well.

My parents are very special to me. I could say that I owe them almost in its entirety what I am today. Few other persons have had a dramatic impact on my formation; and most of their influence has come from real life experience. It is said that deeds speak louder than words. So they taught me much more with what they did in life than what they said to me. They already gave me all the inheritance I will ever need.

It was during our darkest period in life that they excelled in educating me and my brother. They did an outstanding job, it was their finest hour. This is my recollection of these times:

To my Dad
To my Mom