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Core Beliefs: On Life

Dare ro Dream!

Life is an exciting adventure whose risks are worth taking. I once listened on a business seminar that the biggest risk of them all is unwillingness to take risks. Fear is nothing more than the result of a non quantified risk. We fear what we don’t know. Therefore, education is a good way to reduce risks. This is often mentioned on investment literature but it is also true about everything.

Don't be afraid of changes, life is an eternal change; only dead matter remains the same.

I love to learn new things all the time, to go to “uncharted territories” and taking new challenges; after all, life without obstacles to overcome, is boring.

In his book, Don’t Let Anybody to Steal Your Dream, Dexter Yager says that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream. Dare to dream! Dreams represent "eternal" hope that we never should give up. We may not attain them at all but; if we remember that terrestrial life is only a journey, then we can better understand that giving up our hope will only make our journey a living hell.

Happiness has very little to do with possessions. It is NOT the result of having things or even relationships. It is not something we can derive from external sources. It is a state of mind.

Being in control of our lives is required in order to achieve happiness. We let others ruin our lives when we give them control over it (peer pressure is a good example of this). One key concept to understand control is that we can't control most of what it is happening outside of us, but we can control ALL of what is going on inside of us. In other words, while we can’t control events, we can control the impact those events have on us. For example, you may not avoid being robbed but you can determine how lasting the consequences of that event will have on your life. It could be a mere setback from which you will recover in almost no time or it could be the end of the world.

Our everyday experiences are constantly feeding us positive and negative feelings. Positive experiences invigorate our spirit. Negative experiences deplete it. Whatever we focus our mind on, we get more of it. Embracing the positive and rejecting the negative is more conducive to happiness.

Making forgiveness a second nature is a good habit. Forgiveness liberates us from remembering negative things. Christians are always reminded that their salvation is also dependent on it "...Forgive our transgressions the same way we forgive...”