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Automotive Experiences

Like any ordinary kid, I was given toy cars at a very early age. I was also given several assortments of transportation devices such as tricycles, bicycles, wagons, etc. Normally, I had to push the envelope as far as I could... not always successfully though. Bruises and contusions reminded me that sometimes "fun" has a price. When the days of my childhood were gone I was introduced to a real car. The excitement of the discovery was not immediately followed by the type of fun I now enjoy (thank God!). While I drove the family's car I was as conservative as I could. It wasn't until 1981 that I could afford to explore the marvelous world of spirited driving... These are my impressions through the years:

98 BMW M Roadster (II)
98 BMW M Roadster (I)
98 Infinity I30t
88 Toyota MR2-S
86 Toyota MR2
81 Toyota Celica
79 Datsun, (II)
79 Datsun,(I)
The Beginnings