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Me in my BMW Z3M

Architect, 3D Animator
Portfolio Manager, Trader

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Sowing Winds... Reaping Hurricanes. The story of my financial perfect storm and the insights I gain from it.
Photo Pranks Be careful of what you do while in range of a camera or you could end right here! Everybody else: Click and have fun. Tale of Two Salesmen  During tough economic times, an easy sale come to him, as if fallen from the sky, and...
Computer Photo Tricks Look at what a computer and a little imagination can do with pictures. Death of a Dream!  What happens when a dream dies? This is the story of a promising venture that slowly slipped into the cold night.

Featured Video: Industrial Animation - Cogen Plant


Automotive Experiences


2007, V8-like Performance, I6 Fuel Economy: 1998 BMW M Roadster (Post-DINAN) Part 1 When 240hp and 5.4 sec. to 60 are not enough.

2001, The Return of the Racer: 1998 BMW M Roadster (Pre-DINAN) Back in my type of car.

1998, My First Brand-new Car: 1998 Infinity I30t The story that should have never happened.

1996, The saga continues: 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged The exhilarating experience of acceleration.

1996, My First 2 seater Car: 1986 Toyota MR2 Higher performance driving in a bachelor car.

1990, My First Car: 1981 Toyota Celica The passion for driving begins...

1981, 79 Datsun Pick-up Part 2. Going Solo My experiences driving the family car without mom.

1979, 79 Datsun Pick-up Part 1. The Underground Year After a brief time-off period, my mom put me back behind a steering wheel.

The Beginnings At age 12 (almost 13), my mom introduced me to what would later become one of my passions: Driving an automobile.


My Parents  Who gave me life and formed my character through their deeds.

Up-coming Holidays


  • September 2002. Dream Home Concepts Corporation becomes my main source of income.
  • August 2002. Launch of Dream Home Concepts Corporation.
  • May-June 2000. Launch of Globe Capital Management, Corp. and Globe US Index Fund, LP
  • April 1999. My first inroad into the U.S. financial market. My first investment: A diversified growth and income mutual fund.
  • May 1998. I moved to San Jose, CA to work for a Mechanical Engineering consulting firm.
  • February 1996. After becoming Honduras' top CAD consultant, I went International by signing an agreement with Shell CCA, The regional office of Shell International Petroleum Company for Central America and The Caribbean.
  • Mid 1993. Breakup of my then 5-year relationship. We were supposed to get married...
  • Mid 1992. My first inroad into 3D Animation in the field of Architecture.
  • Late-summer 1990. My first visit to the US: Florida and California. My first contact with who would be my first US employer later-on.
  • Mid 1990. My first sole-proprietorship: Independent CAD consultant.
  • Mid 1989. My first forced job change. My previous employer closed doors on a Friday and on the next Monday I was back on a payroll.
  • Early-Mid 1989. My first and naive inroad into business ownership.
  • Late 1987. My first serious long-term relationship begun.
  • Mid 1987. My first encounter with AutoCAD, IBM PC computers and my first job.
  • November 1986. I got my B.S. Degree in Architecture.
  • 1985. I was introduced to personal computers. My first model was a Tandy TRS-80 Color computer with 64K and cassette tape.
  • November 1981. I graduated from high school.
  • June 1979. Second escape to Honduras. After the communist victory, life was never the same.
  • September 1978. First escape to Honduras fleeing the communist uprising in Nicaragua. Returned home by year-end.
  • November 1975. I finished elementary school. On the 17th of that month, my beloved Grandpa (my mom's father) passed away.
  • September 1974. Hurricane Fifi ravaged the Atlantic coast of Honduras while my relatives were in Nicaragua. I was in centrally-located Tegucigalpa, Honduras under family-friends care.
  • December 22 1972. My first earthquake experience. That night Managua, Nicaragua was devastated.
  • September 1969. I experienced my first war scenario. The so-called Soccer-war between Honduras and El Salvador.
  • January 22, 1969. A companion was brought home: My brother.
  • February 1968. After 2-1/2 years of bugging my parents, they "dumped" me in pre-kinder garden school.
  • 1965. I was "launched" to the world.


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